IsaDelight® Super-Chocolate

Indulge the senses with a delectable super-chocolate treat that’s individually packaged and perfect for grabbing on a Cleanse Day or any day. With green tea extract, you can go gourmet and guilt-free. It’s the quality you can only get from an IsaDelight™ Super-Chocolate.

  • Infused with green tea
  • Created with Belgian-style low-temperature processing that preserves natural chocolate flavours and flavonoids.
  • No artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners.
  • 60-70 calories per square.
  • Cleanse Day approved.

Decadently Crafted Chocolate for the Foodie in All of Us

Call it portion control made in heaven. You now have five delicious options to choose from when it comes to IsaDelight Super-Chocolate! Can you say flavour amazement? We have carefully crafted these squares of premium chocolate from quality cocoa beans. Big plus here: You can take them during a Cleanse Day or as an after-dinner treat.

Mindful eating is definitely not about deprivation. How sustainable is that? One indulgent square of IsaDelight Super-Chocolate is infused with green tea, and depending upon which flavour you choose, has between 60 and 70 calories per square. Consider yourself satisfied.

What’s Inside Besides Delicious, Rich Chocolate?

Green Tea Extract

Infused into the delicious, chocolatey mixture to help boost the natural flavour of chocolate.  

Premium Cocoa Beans

Our cocoa beans are gently processed using temperature-controlled methods to create a smooth texture and rich flavour. We care about our beans. Thank you for being you, little cocoa beans.

A Moment of Bliss Is All Yours.
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